Michael Schaub


For more than 15 years, Michael Schaub has been one of Germany's leading management consultants in the field of intellectual property. After an apprenticeship as a bank clerk and studying business administration, he began his career at Siemens AG, where during his 12-year tenure he held numerous international management positions.

With a change to the IT services provider Perot Systems, a professional phase began in which Michael Schaub as CEO and Member of the Board of Directors built up and realigned numerous companies, introduced new products and opened up new markets. Prior to establishing himself as a management consultant, he reorganised Bundesdruckerei's procurement of international technology licenses, was responsible for international sales and marketing, positioned the Bundesdruckerei's system house in the market, and launched its face recognition system on the markt.

Main Areas of Activity

Michael Schaub has extensive experience in the development of intellectual property strategies including the design of intellectual property portfolios, the establishing of co-operations for the development and exploitation of intellectual property, the marketing of intellectual property rights for profit, and technology scouting. A perticular focus of his work is in the fields of information and communication technology, new mobility and artificial intelligence. His clients include leading international corporations, innovative medium-sized companies, well-known venture investors and renowned research institutions.


Intellectual Property Consultant

SR Huebner – Munich

Tel.: +49-89-9545 898 0