Sigrid Asschenfeldt


Sigrid Asschenfeldt came to us from the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property in Munich, Germany, where she researched and published on matters of trademark law and design law. Prior to this she worked extensively as an attorney. Sigrid Assenfeldt has been registered as an attorney since 1998.

Sigrid Asschenfeldt studied law at the Universities of Heidelberg and Munich, Germany. She completed the practical component of her training at, among other institutions, the Court of Appeal in Berlin, the European Parliament in Brussels and the German Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. She also conducted comparative studies in trademark law at the invitation of the Institute of Intellectual Property (IIP) in Tokyo.

Main Areas of Activity

Sigrid Asschenfeldt deals mainly with questions of trademark law, with the protection of domains and company names, and with design protection. In these matters she has extensive experience in both litigious and ex parte proceedings. She has had articles published in both German and English and is an active member of several leading German and international professional associations in the field of intellectual property law.