International IP Rights

We represent our clients before the German and European Patent Offices, Trademark Offices and Courts and in dealing with the World Intellectual Property Organization. We also handle patent and trademark matters in more than 20 countries outside Europe. More than one third of the patents handled by SR Huebner concern non-European countries. In our international cases we rely both on collaboration with expert local colleagues and on our own experience.

The requirements for a good patent or trade mark application are not the same in all countries. That is why we draft applications from the outset in such a way that they can be granted or registered successfully, quickly and cost-efficiently not only in Germany and Europe but also in other countries outside Europe such as the US, China, Japan and other international jurisdictions.

Details: Analysis based on INPADOC data. Average number of non-European jurisdictions in which subsequent applications have been filed that claim the priority of a first application represented by the respective firm. The European Patent Office is counted as one European jurisdiction. The World Intellectual Property Organisation is counted as one non-European jurisdiction.