The patenting of nanotechnology inventions is a new branch of patent law, for which the patent offices and courts are only just beginning to develop specific decision-making principles. Because many nanotechnology inventions lie outside the framework which case law has established on the basis of conventional technologies, their inventors are frequently on new territory not only technologically but also with regard to patent law.

SR Huebner is one of the few law firms in Europe that are actively engaged in the field of nanotechnology patents. With practice-oriented publications and lectures – often jointly with the nanotechnology experts from the patent offices – we are playing an active role in the development of this new field of law. Our clients include firms and research establishments at the leading-edge of nanotechnology. The inventions we deal with range from basic nanomaterials, nanosystems and nanoprocesses to the concrete applications of nanotechnology, for example in information technology, medicine and renewable energy. 


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