Registration of Patents and Trademarks

We give comprehensive advice in the planning of your intellectual property-rights portfolio and in the creation of a pragmatic protection strategy tailored to the requirements and commercial objectives of your business. We draft applications for patents, trademarks, utility models and designs, we see them through until they are granted at home and abroad, and we ensure that they are maintained.

We strive for cost-effectiveness by providing forward-looking advice and paying attention to procedural efficiency. In this, we are helped by well-organised internal administrative procedures and close contact with offices and courts. The result: For the patent applications drafted and prosecuted to grant by us, the European Patent Office has declared its intention to grant a patent on average about one and a half years earlier than the average of all European patents. This means that our clients not only obtain protetction for their inventions more quickly but also save procedural costs.

Details: Estimates based on INPADOC data. Time from the applicant's examination request to the European Patent Office's announcement of its intention to grant a patent. The average of a representative sample of all European patents is compared to the average of those patents drafted and prosecuted by SR Huebner attorneys. Data is normalised by IPC class to ensure comparability. Typically, the actual time in the individual case deviates significantly from the average value, depending on the case's circumstances. Accordingly, the average cannot be used as a prediction for the individual case.