A strong patent portfolio and a favourable patent environment are two important criteria for the success of an emerging technology business. To check these is the task of patent due diligence. It reveals which obstacles the business’s patent portfolio puts in the way of possible imitators and assesses the danger of the business being blocked by the patent rights of others.

With patent due diligence, venture capital investors can identify a promising company more easily. By clarifying the business's patent situation, a patent due diligence also lays the foundation for formulating a suitable patent strategy. The article outlines how a patent due diligence for a new technology venture is performed and explains how to interpret the results.


"Stefan Rolf Huebner discusses the essential concepts of patent review all of us need to be familiar with."

- James E. Schrager, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

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Dr. Stefan Rolf Huebner

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S. R. Huebner in The Journal of Private Equity (JPE), Summer 2005, volume 8, number 3, pages 73-76

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